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Our Mission: To share the love of our Lord Jesus Christ with our community through our prayers, words, and actions.


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Pastor Scott Gessford

Words from our Pastor

Orland Church Family,

As we approach the summer it is time to reflect over our first year together. Yes, that is right June 30th will be the anniversary of our first year together and what a year it has been! Here are some of the highlights of our year:

We have done well to continue to recover from covid-19, it may not seem like it, but when I first got here we couldn’t even meet indoors. And when we were able to meet in person it only lasted a few short weeks and then we were back meeting outdoors and online. 

That brings us to livestreaming; It has been a challenge and a blessing at the same time. It took us some time to get it all dialed in, but thanks to Kristin Baugher, things run smoothly now. And by the way, we are still looking for more people to learn how to run the sound system (just think you would have the power to mute both of us Scott’s!).

We have now been back in person since March and it is wonderful to get to see all of you in person and I hope that in the very near future I will get to see what you look like with no mask on! I know that will be a day that we all celebrate.

We have developed a mission statement for the church which is, “To share the love of our Lord Jesus Christ with our community through our prayers, words, and actions.” Now is the time we work on how we are going to fulfill that mission statement. We need to share it with our church members, our families and our community and when we live into it we will be a be ray of bright light in Orland.

We also need to remember all our church, family and loved ones who have died in this past year. They will always be remembered and missed.

What will the next year hold for us? I am looking forward to seeing what that is. I am also looking forward to putting covid-19 in the rear-view mirror and we can get back to a new normal moving forward. I want to thank all of you for a productive year and looking forward to what the next year looks like for the church. 

In Christ’s Love, Pastor Scott Gessford 


Get involved with the church

Men’s Breakfast Meeting- 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8:00 am 

Morning Star Circle (Women) - 1st Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am  (except June and July)

Bible Study – Every Monday at 1:30 pm at the church or on Zoom

ACE Youth Group - (School Grades 7-12) Contact: Erin Emma  530-228-983

Bi-monthly activities


Federated Chancel Choir – Usually Meets on Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm but they  are on a varied schedule right now, so call Kristen Baugher at 530-521-1722




Youth Group News



The Youth Group will be tentatively having activities on June 13, June 27, and July 11,  Call Erin Emma (228-9839) for details of where and when and what.


The Youth Group is planning their Mission trip to Lake Tahoe in July for this year.   They are going to be helping a church to clean up and they will be cleaning up a hiking trail.  They will be having some fun on the way back with a zipline and suspension bridge trail.  Please pray for a safe trip for them and if you want to help them with any expenses, that would be appreciated.  With more, they can do more.  Just note on your check or envelope that it is for Youth Group Mission Trip.


Thank you.



Vacation Bible School!


We will be joining forces with The First Christian Church to provide VBS this year.  It will take place July 19-23.  We will be having sign-ups soon so look for the announcements and call the church office if you have any questions.  530-865-3131. 



Finance Facts!













Tithe paid to United Methodist and Presbyterian USA based on March Income





FYI Our 2022 budget will be based on the pledges received for 2022


Did you know?


       Your pledge does not carry over into the new year. It expires and must be replaced every year.


                                      Now you Know!



All-Church Workday

The Trustees have planned; and asked you to join in an all-church outdoor workday for Saturday June 5th from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon.  Please bring gloves and tools to help weed, plant, and pick up wayward pieces of trash.  Everyone is invited because as you know, “many hands make light work.”







Sunday School Happenings!


Hello Sunday school friends!

It has been so nice to see those of you that have been coming to Sunday school in the Social Hall. 

Beginning June 6 we will be able to have Sunday school in our classrooms!! We will begin each Sunday in the Sanctuary with our families; after the children’s message I am hoping we will be allowed to go to the Chapel and then up to our classrooms.

The Nursery will also be available for those children 5 and under. Both of our amazing child care providers will be back to care for the children in the Nursery, what a blessing!

Sunday School Cont’d
We have had fun making Mother’s Day cards and sweet treats for our moms to let them know how much we appreciate them and all they do. 
We have also been learning about ways people helped each other in Bible times and ways we can help others nowadays. 

We will be talking about forgiveness and how we can let our lights shine and share our gifts and talents with others. 
If you have any questions or 
concerns please contact me at 
Love Always,