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Pastor Scott Gessford

Words from our Pastor


Orland Church Family,

Can you believe it is May already? Boy is this year flying by. We will continue to offer live, in person worship services while we also livestream them so that you can watch them anywhere and anytime.

Here is what our schedule for May looks like:

May 2nd we will finish up our I Have a Dream Series (for now, there will be a couple more in the fall). It is also communion Sunday, and we will be looking at Matthew 22:36-40 more closely.

May 9th is Mother’s Day and we will look at, “Godly Mothers” which will come from 1 Samuel 1:9-28 (Back to the Old Testament for this one)!

May 16th takes us to Jesus’ Ascension. We will talk about that from the Gospel of Luke 24:36-53.

May 23rd is Pentecost Sunday in which we wear RED that day. That signifies the fire that the Holy Spirit gives us. We will look at Acts 2:1-21 for our inspiration.

May 30th takes us to Trinity Sunday. We can read about that in Romans 8:12-17.

Please be listening for God’s voice. Sometimes we must be patient and still for that to happen. I ask that you read the Scriptures before Sunday’s services so that you may hear God’s voice before, during, and after our services and see what direction God is leading us as a church.

I would also like to know what you hear God asking us to do as a church. We need to get outside the walls of the church and make God and Christ known to all throughout our community. We cannot keep this to ourselves we need to share with everyone we come into contact!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Scott


Get involved with the church

Men’s Breakfast Meeting- 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8:00 am at 4th Street Cafe

Morning Star Circle (Women) - 1st Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am  (except June and July)

Bible Study – Every Monday at 1:30 pm at the church or on Zoom

ACE Youth Group - (School Grades 7-12) Contact: Erin Emma  530-228-983

Bi-monthly activities


Federated Chancel Choir – Usually Meets on Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm but they  are on a varied schedule right now, so call Kristen Baugher at 530-521-1722






Youth Group News


The Youth Group is planning their Mission trip to Lake Tahoe in July for this year.   They are going to be helping a church to clean up and they will be cleaning up a hiking trail.  They will be having some fun on the way back with a zipline and suspension bridge trail.



Youth Group get togethers this month are scheduled for May 2nd with a hiking trip to Burney Falls and on May 22 a day at the Fair.



Please call  Erin Emma at 530-228-9839 for all the details!   Every one in 7th – 12th Grade are invited.


Finance Facts!



March Income               $9,453.76


March Expenses            $9,479.42




Tithe to UMC and Presbytery based on February Income    $1,225.37


Did You Know?

    The church's insurance this year is $11,870.67. The annual premium had an 18.7% increase this year It is almost 12% of all pledged income.

                                                                                    Now you know!



Sunday School Happenings!



May 2021

Dear Sunday School Families,

Hello, Happy May!

Do you know about the May Day tradition that people celebrated in the 19th and 20 centuries?  The custom was to make a paper basket or cone and fill it with spring flowers and leave it on someone’s doorstep.  People would knock on the door or ring the bell and run so that the person receiving the flowers didn’t know whom they were from.  Isn’t that a sweet tradition?  I received such a May Day surprise from one of the Sunday school students many, many years ago maybe you could surprise someone special in your life with a small bouquet of flowers!

I have been communicating with Pastor Scott regarding Sunday school.  I would like to be able to meet in our classrooms but since we are not able to yet we will try meeting in the Social Hall as a group on Sunday May 2.  Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching this will be a great opportunity to make something for those special ladies in our lives. 







I know that most of you are back into a regular school schedule so it would be great to add Sunday school to your weekly routine. 

We will follow social distancing guidelines and everyone will need to wear a mask as well. 

I am looking forward to seeing all of you!  If you or your parents have any questions please give me a call at 228-4200. 




Monica Madden